It’s Your Life. Own It.

From her earliest memories, Rachel Seats has been surrounded by devoted career teachers and administrators. Growing up in a family of educators, Sunday dinners and holidays were often lively discussions of school happenings or strategies to innovate American education. After her graduation from college and spending many years in various roles in the public school system, Rachel decided to take her career in a different direction by offering Academic Life Coaching.

What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaches provide a meaningful journey to self-awareness and defined action…because they ask the right questions, introduce new skills and encourage focused reflection. Academic Coaching includes a series of personalized coaching sessions that address a client’s learning style, motivation, and management of academic and career activity. While the term client suggests we work for you; really, the Coach/Client relationship is an alliance.

What is Academic Life Coaching?

The Academic Agency delivers skills and concepts delivered by a trained and certified Academic Life Coach that helps students manage their own learning and goals with confidence. Academic Life Coaching extends beyond other approaches like youth mentoring by helping students understand their personal learning style, building skills and strategies for life and learning that lead to new confidence and focus. The skills that students practice now have an significant impact on their future. The process allows the student to take hold of their present challenges with a view to their future, creating more focus, enthusiasm and preparing to master both career and college.

There are so many reasons to work with a Life Coach. Whether you want Academic Life Coaching, Concussion Recovery, to Discover Your Career Direction or Find Your Learning Style, Rachel and her team can help you reach your goal.


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